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MİMAG Energy Inc., offers high-tech, reliable, economical and environmentally friendly solutions for industrial companies, electric-generation companies, autoproducer or autoproducer groups whom require to set up a coal, natural gas, fuel-oil or waste gas fired thermal power plant, steam generation facilities or cogeneration (CHP) plants.


Our company may offer services either on turn-key basis or depending on investor’s request, only as main equipment supplier and undertake the installation supervision.


MİMAG Energy has extensive knowledge and experience on technological applications of fluidized bed boilers that is highly efficient, economical and environmentally friendly technology, with the capability to utilize both imported coal and domestic lignite coal reserves of our country.


Our services fulfill all possible expectations of steam and/or electricity generation plant investors. Installed capacities above 5 MWe are in our field of interest. We offer any or all of the below given services with our well experienced and qualified staff, or if needed, in collaboration with international specialists, universities and accredited testing companies.


- project development,

- technical and economical analysis,

- feasibility studies,

- selection of technology and equipment,

- basic engineering design,

- project management,

- turnkey installation,

- equipment supply,

- construction,

- erection,

- supervision,

- commissioning,